Jilin Bai, MD, PhD


23823 Valencia Blvd, Ste 150

Santa Clarita, CA 91355

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Dr. Jilin Bai

Dr. Jilin Bai

Dr. Jilin Bai is a general practitioner providing primary care and aesthetic care to patients in Santa Clarita Valley. Dr. Bai’s aesthetic practice is using non-invasive cosmetic procedures, most recently SculpSure, to enhance the fitness of his patients with minor downtime and minimal risk. Once his patients have achieved excellent results with cosmetic procedures, Dr. Bai emphasizes on empowering his patients with holistic approaches to maintain the results with healthy body and healthy mindset. Dr. Bai has received extensive education in science and medicine with his PhD and MD from the University of Connecticut followed by a diverse clinical training in general surgery, neurosurgery, stroke and general medicine. With his scientific and medical background, Dr. Bai is keen to applying cutting edge non-invasive technology to better serve his patients.

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